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  • Europe Sees First Hand Medicus Mundi’s Project Which Aims To Transform Healthcare Systems In Latin America.

  • 31 de Octubre de 2013 00:00 | 0 comentarios
  • Europe Sees First Hand Medicus Mundi’s Project Which Aims To Transform Healthcare Systems In Latin America.
  • At the beginning of October, Medicus Mundi Navarra presented a document entitled “Key Issues for the Transformation of Healthcare Systems in Latin America” to the European Parliament in Brussels within the context of a tour lasting almost 15 days coordinated by Ignacio Sánchez Monroy (Cooperation Coordinator from Medicus Mundi Navarra headquarters) in the company of Fernando Carbone (coordinator of the Peruvian office), Javier Román (coordinator of the Bolivian office) and Juan Carlos Verdugo (coordinator of the Guatemalan office). The delegation - in the absence of Verdugo, who had to return to his country just before leaving for Brussels - liaised with the European Commission, the European Parliament and CONCORD, as well as other European organisations, in order to present the document and the project itself which the European Commission is backing financially along with the Government of Navarre. It is the largest scale project that Medicus Mundi Navarra has promoted during its more than 40 years of existence. It could mean the implementation of a new way of understanding healthcare throughout a continent (Latin America) and even lay the foundations for a new version of Alma Ata considering the interest that it has generated on both sides of the Atlantic. The assessment of the tour has been very positive and both civil society as well as the different local, autonomous, state and international institutions have backed this initiative with consequences reaching far beyond the communities in which the pilot schemes are being tested.  
    ONE PROJECT, ONE TOUR, ONE DOCUMENT    Medicus Mundi Navarra is developing a tried-and-tested scheme for intercultural, comprehensive and inclusive healthcare in Guatemala, Bolivia and Peru which aims to change a large part of the continent’s healthcare systems to guarantee universal coverage for communities that are traditionally excluded.    Its objective is to promote the transformation of healthcare systems throughout a continent into comprehensive, inclusive systems that are designed by everyone for everyone. Medicus Mundi Navarra started this joint initiative in April 2011, based on more than 10 years of experience in the three countries (Bolivia, Guatemala and Peru). By bringing together theory and practice, it aims to formulate the basic guidelines for what could be a valid healthcare system for a great part of Latin America. The work of our local offices and local partners in these countries, which are aligned and coordinated with the corresponding ministries and regional and local authorities, as well as the financial support of the European Commission, the Government of Navarre and other institutions, has ensured that now, three years on, there is a document based on tried-and-tested pilot schemes at the first level of care. The document can be downloaded from the website www.saludintegralincluyente.com which contains more information about the visit and the project itself.   The study has documented the lessons learnt in the process which have been validated in practice in three countries, and as such we believe it can be considered as a reference model in the area of health and cooperation. The timing is also important: Latin America, with its problems and difficulties, is taking the opposite path to many countries of the North, who are making cuts to public healthcare and causing exclusions. This action, on the other hand, supports the right to healthcare based on up-to-date, authentic primary healthcare which guarantees healthcare for every person, their family and their community.
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